General care

Our general care covers a wide range of medical conditions and health problems, including colds, flu, skin problems, allergies, digestive problems and more. Our family physicians are your first point of contact for preventive care, routine checkups, vaccinations and health advice.

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    GP, physio and dentist under one roof
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    Preventive care


    An important part of our overall care is prevention. Our family physicians play a major role in preventing disease and maintaining your health.
    We offer regular health checks, checking vital signs and identifying risk factors for certain conditions.
    Early detection allows us to take proactive action to prevent or delay the development of health problems.

    Routine checks

    We also perform routine checkups to keep a close eye on your overall health. These checks include blood pressure measurements, cholesterol tests, blood sugar checks and BMI measurements.
    By regularly collecting this data, we can track your health and suggest adjustments, such as diet and lifestyle programs, as needed.

    Diagnosis and treatment of common disorders

    Our family physicians are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of common conditions.
    Consider respiratory problems, infections, allergies and skin diseases. We are often the first point of contact for medical care and can refer patients to specialists for specialized treatments.
    For a complete approach to your health, we take our time. This allows us to understand your medical history and create individual treatment plans based on that history.


    GP practices play an important role in providing vaccinations to protect the community from infectious diseases. We follow national guidelines for vaccinations and we offer vaccinations for both children and adults.
    Through vaccination programs, serious diseases are prevented and thus the law helps promote public health.

    Health Advice

    In addition to medical treatments, we also provide comprehensive health advice. We discuss lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and stress management, to optimize your health and well-being. Our goal is to look at your health with you and make decisions together about what suits you.

    Welcome to general practice Amsterdamse Bos

    At our general practice, you will not only receive medical care for specific complaints, but you can also count on a complete approach to health care. Our family physicians are your trusted advisors and are committed to promoting preventive care, routine checkups, immunizations and health advice.
    We welcome you to our modern practice at the “Amsterdamse Bos”.

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